Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinders are among the most frequently used appliances in every kitchen. This kitchen appliance is used to fulfill various purposes such as grinding fruits, vegetables, spices, or making some delicious juices, smoothies, etc. Using a mixer can save a lot of time, effort, patience in meal preparation. You can say that managing even a day without a mixer would be very challenging for some!

Over the decades, a lot of modifications and improvements have been made in the overall features of mixer grinders. With the variety available in the market, choosing the best mixer grinder for your kitchen becomes challenging. It is essential to consider some of the significant factors before selecting one. Indian Mixer Grinder in USA.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mixer Grinder

Let’s check into those factors to get one of the top mixer grinders:

Strength of the Motor

The motor is the chief component to measure the performance of an efficient mixer grinder. A motor requires higher wattage to perform the functions of the juicer than that of the mixer grinder. Mixers ranging from 500-700W are suitable for all purposes. Make sure that the motor should have higher wattage before choosing a mixer.

Pace Regulator

The pace of the mixer is decided by the type of food you make. A slow speed option is mostly required to make juices. This option is quite essential for juicing, as both delicious and safe extracts can be churned out. Your grinder usually has at least three speed options in the regulator. However, if you want a more effective one to ease your cooking, buying a mixer with more pace settings will be a great alternative.

Size of the Mixer

There is a diverse variety of choices in terms of the size of the grinder. Larger capacity jars will make things simpler for you when planning to cook for a large group. The space of your kitchen also matters with respect to the size of the mixer you purchase. A small to medium-sized blender would be enough for a small group or a small kitchen space.

Number and Material of Jars

It is best to know the material and the number of jars before purchasing the mixer grinder. Generally, a blender with at least three to four jars with multiple blades and power must be selected. This enables you to grind both wet and dry items in two different sets. Moreover, stainless steel jars are handy as it will keep your food safe and free from corrosion.


This is a vital factor to consider before buying a blender. While choosing the best mixer grinder for your kitchen.  There are some models which have a locking mechanism for bolting the jars. The blender will not work unless the jars are correctly fitted to the body. Some other essential safety features of a top mixer grinders are on-off power indicator, overload protection, non-sleep feet, fault free operator, and many more.

Reasonable Price

Last but not least, a mixer-grinder with reasonable and decent prices having all the above functionalities will be the best one to go for! You have to compare and evaluate different types of mixers and select the most reasonable mixer grinder. Hand mixers, stand blenders, commercial grinders differ in cost and size.


It is undoubtedly a difficult decision to purchase the best mixer grinder considering the above factors and one that belongs to the best brand. Most cooking experts commonly think “from where I can buy an Indian mixer,” or “from where I can buy a Bajaj, Philips, Panasonic, Bosch or Blaaze mixer in the USA?”

If you are searching to find the best heavy motor grinder to buy in the USA top brands such as Panasonic mixer-grinder,Philips mixer-grinder, Blaaze Mixer Grinder and Bajaj mixer-grinders are your best fit. The best mixer grinder to purchase in USA are available online at reasonable costs, local warranty and fast home deliveries.