Is there an any low noise making mixer/grinder available in India under Rs. 3000?

An Indian Mixer Grinder is one of the most used kitchen appliances. However, the only downside is the noise emanating from the same. But if you are looking for a low noise making mixer grinder in India, I would say you are looking for a Unicorn – something that doesn’t exist!

You need to understand that mixer grinder motors are running at a speed of 20,000 Rounds Per Minute. This creates considerable friction, wear and tear, and air cutting sound.

According to the manufacturing standards, mixer grinder noise is measured from 1 meter and anything under 80 dB is passed. But honestly, that’s still loud.

Mixer grinders can make noise as high as lawn mowers. The good thing is that they only need to run from a few seconds to a few minutes per day, so the noise should not be a big concern.

However, here are a few practical suggestions that can help you minimize the noise:


Keep your mixie away from walls. This will bring down noise as sound bounces off of the wall surface.


Switching to a different time slot can also help. For instance, if using the mixer grinder during the morning messes up with the sleep cycle of the people in your home, try using it at night.


You can even place your mixer grinder on a towel mat which can also help reduce the noise.


Although not practical, but in desperate situations wrap a towel around your mixie during use.

We and most other manufacturers have been looking out for a solution to this dilemma of high noise, but unfortunately, this is still a challenge for us. Visit today for premium Indian Mixer Grinders!