Tips On How To Care For Your Mixer Grinder

In a modern-day kitchen, a multi-tasker like a mixer grinder is nothing short of a boon. Taking care of a mixer grinder and maintaining it in a healthy condition will enable a grinder to serve longer. Searching for the best mixers to buy in the UK and owning one definitely saves time and effort. But, knowing how to maintain it is equally important. A mixer grinder requires regular maintenance for proper functioning and extended longevity.

A grinder’s lifespan relies on usage frequency and maintenance regularity. Below are some techniques that can be followed for grinder maintenance. You can follow them regardless of the type and design, and be it of any company like BLAAZE, Bajaj, Philips, Panasonic, Preethi, or BOSCH mixer grinder in the UK.

Tips & Tricks for Maintenance of a Mixer Grinder

1.   Thorough Cleaning

Proper cleaning of the mixer grinder after every use is a ritual that should not be ignored. A lengthy cleaning procedure cannot be followed regularly. At such times, you can rub a wet wipe with a mild cleaning dishwasher on the grinder unit and wash it. Then use a clean wet wipe to remove excess soap and water.

Putting some water in the mixer grinder jar and running it on the machine once grinding is done is one of the valuable tips. Throw this water away. This would prevent the acid in the ground product from dripping through the blades of the processor. Drain all the water and clean the inside-out of the grinder with a dry cloth.

2.   Properly Lock the Jars into the Mixer Motor Blades

Many individuals, while using a mixer grinder, switch on the motor without paying attention to whether the jar has fit correctly on the mixer motor or not. This can damage the jar and motor blades and couplers. So, before switching on the motor, make sure that the jar is correctly locked in the correct position. Fitting the jar into the motor and closing the jar lid properly will prevent the spilling ingredients. It will also save the blades and couplers from getting damaged.

3.   Thorough Weekly Cleaning Regime

Cleaning the mixer grinder thoroughly once a week ensures a germ-free appliance with top-condition working functionality. Make sure to adhere to the weekly cleaning schedule too, aside from the regular cleaning practice. Dishwasher solution or organic cleansers such as baking soda, lime, alcohol, and vinegar can clean the jar to get rid of stains and odour.

4.   Ground the Ingredients at Room Temperature

Scorching hot ingredients may cause the jar to blow off its lid and even damage the blades and motor. The best practice is to ground the mixer grinder products at a temperature close to room temperature. By doing so, you can prevent excess load on the system and have better results.

5.   Use Brand Recommended Accessories and Parts

Usage of accessories suggested by the brand is always advisable and safe for the mixer grinder's life. Moreover, choosing any other reasonable mixer grinder accessories might come at a low price but might wreck the machine. All brands like Philips mixer grinder. UK Panasonic mixer grinder UK provide a user manual that must be followed while using the appliance.

6.   Proper Storage & Avoid Undue Pressure on the Motor

Mismanagement and mishandling of a top mixer grinder can be prevented by storing it at a fixed place with an even surface. The placing location should be such that it eliminates the need to move the grinder from one location to another for usage.

Start the mixer at its lowest speed at all times and progressively increase its speed. Certainly, you should not set it from the beginning at high speed. This reduces the pressure on the motor. Spin the mixer blade before use to ensure frictionless and uninterrupted functioning.


For their utter utility, mixers are indispensable to households. The best mixer / heavy motor mixer grinder to purchase in UK gives unparalleled help and comes with many maintenance problems. Many people find it challenging to work out the best strategies to keep them clean. You can follow the practices mentioned earlier to take care of this cumbersome job.

If the question “from where I can buy Indian mixer” or “from where I can buy a BLAAZE, Bajaj, Philips, Panasonic, Preethi, or BOSCH mixer grinder in the UK.” comes to mind, a customary question should also follow about the warranty and after-sale services in the UK. Never forget to read the mixer grinder related instructions carefully.